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I’m delighted you’re here! To make your visit meaningful, let me tell you a bit about why I’m here and what I have for you.

Why Gluten (tree nut, peanut, soy and dairy) Free?

In the autumn of 2007, I adopted a gluten-free lifestyle due to celiac disease

Two months after settling into my new way of eating I developed serious food allergies to tree nuts, peanuts and soy. I also have severe iron deficiency anemia due to a genetic disorder and am dairy-free for this reason (dairy inhibits iron uptake and I am on lifetime daily iron therapy, so every little bit helps!).  

So, that explains the recipes and why they are all gluten, dairy, soy, peanut and tree nut free. You will also find some grain-free, egg-free and sugar-free recipes on the site, too. 

While there are decadent full-on sweet treats in my Recipe Index, you’ll also find plenty of healthier options to satisfy your sweet tooth. There really is something for everyone, so have fun nibbling through the file!

Getting in the Kitchen

In order to continue eating the foods I loved, and because baking was a significant part of my life before my gluten-free, allergen-free journey began, it was only natural for me to get in the kitchen and crack the code to gluten-free baking so I could refashion all my family’s favorite dishes. We decided early on to have an entirely gluten-free home – no cooking multiple meals for me! (If you have a shared kitchen, with both gluten-full and gluten-free foods, use these 4 Winning Strategies for Staying Safe & Gluten-Free in a Shared Kitchen.) 

After two years of recreating family favorites and adding lots of new tasty dishes to my personal recipe file, my family urged me to share my creations with others to ease the transition for those new to gluten-free living. 

Blog Evolution

In the summer of 2009, I launched this site, sharing recipes only. I’m pretty sure I had three readers in those early days, and I’m also pretty sure they were all related to me.

In time, “real” readers arrived. Questions about all aspects of gluten-free, allergen-free living filled my email inbox. In addition to being able to recreate their favorite dishes with my recipes, readers were interested in how I completely restored my health through diet alone. It wasn’t enough for me to share my opinions and personal experiences. As a research scientist, I insisted my answers be fact-based, thus my signature “Smart Nutrition Backed by Science” approach to all things gluten- and allergen-free (as well as to nutrition and wellness in general) emerged. After all, that approach is the one I used to transform my own health. I knew what worked from personal experience, and science backed it up. 

As time would tell, my practical, fact-based insight and positive approach to gluten-free living resonated with readers. In fact, in 2012, my inbox was bulging with questions from readers from across the globe wanting more of my easy-to-understand science-based insight so they, too, could transform their health, just like I did. 

Readers demanded Solutions.

In an effort to satisfy individuals who were eager to delve deeper into achieving optimal health on a special diet, I created Food Solutions, an ad-free newsletter devoted to giving readers a 360-degree view of how to navigate a healthy gluten-free, allergen-free lifestyle. 

As the publication grew, readers urged me to “call it what is really is, Gigi”… a magazine. I took their advice and heeded requests to make Food Solutions Magazine an all-digital publication in July 2013. 

At the time, I could not fathom more changes for my monthly collection of science, nutrition, weight loss strategies, product information, recipes and more. After all, it was already a challenge creating the 30-40 ad-free pages of content each month on my own

Then, as change tends to come, unexpected and out of the blue, a casual conversation in the winter of 2013 led to… more (bigger!) changes. 

Food Solutions Magazine was born!

After months of working out the details, laying plans and setting them in motion, the NEW Food Solutions Magazine emerged with a new publisher in May 2014. I transitioned into my new role as Editor-in-Chief and now work with our experienced FSM Team to deliver a digital publication like no other. Learn more about the changes and the NEW Food Solutions Magazine here, and get it for FREE here.

More Juicy Morsels

I’m excited to announce the release of my book, The Gluten-Free Solution: Your Ultimate Guide to Positive Gluten-Free Living (Dec. 2014). 

Be sure to check out my video work at The Ingles Table!

The site is filled with delicious nuggets of knowledgerecipescooking tips and strategies and so much more that I know you will find useful, with more added daily. 

Enjoy your visit, take some time to look around, and always feel free to get in touch. You can learn more  about me here, and don’t miss the informative eBooks in the Online Shop!

Gigi ;)

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