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Gigi Stewart, B.S., M.A. is a former a behavioral neuroscience researcher specializing in chronic inflammatory pain and natural products research. Gigi also holds a degree in Experimental Psychology.

Behavioral neuroscience (also called biological psychology) applies the principles of neurobiology to the study of psychological, genetic and developmental aspects of human behavior. 

Simply put, Gigi researched how what we put into the body (drugs, natural products and supplements, and even food) affects overall health. 

This unique fact-based approach to nutrition, combined with Gigi’s personal experience living with celiac disease and multiple food allergies gives her insight into special diets nutrition and wellness that few are able to offer.

Gigi develops a variety of gluten-free, allergen-free recipes for balanced health.

Long before she was in the research laboratory, Gigi was developing recipes for her family, as well as professionally, as time and her health permitted.

After learning her 25 years of unexplained, debilitating health issues were the result of celiac disease, Gigi’s work with food became more than a part-time hobby. She was determined to recreate all her family favorites, as well as new, exciting dishes, to fit her gluten-free diet. Instead of feeling restricted and deprived, Gigi was empowered and liberated as her health improved quickly and dramatically after going gluten-free.

Gigi understands there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to healthy living.

Realizing others were suffering needlessly just as she had suffered, in 2009, Gigi decided to share her knowledge of food, health and nutrition with others via

In 2012, Gigi founded Food Solutions Magazine and as of May 2014, she is the Editor-in-Chief of this 100% free, digital monthly publication designed to help individuals living a gluten-free, allergen-free lifestyle. Via FSM, Gigi works with best-selling authors, physicians and functional medicine pioneers to bring readers quality content each month.

Gigi’s first book, The Gluten-Free Solution: Your Ultimate Guide to Positive Gluten-Free Living was released in December 2014 and is available via Amazon here.

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