How To Store Fresh Herbs So They Last Longer

How To Store Fresh Herbs So They Last Longer
How To Store Fresh Herbs So They Last Longer

When it comes to purchasing fresh herbs, like this cilantro, it’s a shame to end up buying a bunch, then only using a bit and having the rest turn slimy and brown in the fridge.

If you have this problem, here’s a great way to preserve cilantro and similar leafy herbs like parsley and basil to reduce waste and be sure you have a fresh addition to your dishes on hand when you need them.

Preserving Fresh Leafy Herbs

1. When bringing fresh herbs home from the market, remove the rubber band or tie holding the stems together.

2. Wash the herbs in cool water, then drain a few minutes in colander.

3. Spread herbs out onto clean kitchen towels or paper towels, whichever you prefer, until completely dry. (Air drying, not pressing, is the best way to preserve the essential oils in the leaves. That is where the flavor is, so we don’t want to disrupt the leaves until we’re ready to chop and add to our dish.)

How To Store Fresh Herbs

4. Once completely dry, roll up the herbs in a dry, clean towel (or paper towel) as shown.

How To Store Fresh Herbs

5. Place rolled up towel with herbs in a large zip top bag, labeled with type herb and date. Store in veggie drawer of fridge.

How To Store Fresh Herbs

Now, we can have fresh, clean herbs handy, take out just the amount we want and the rest stays fresh for up to 2 weeks!


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    • Shannon

      Gigi can this also be done with spinach and spring mix lettuce. Those two seem to go bad so quickly. I have found if I put a napkin on top of the spring mix lettuce and spinach in it’s container that it soaks up the moisture and it will last a little bit longer. Any thoughts on how to keep this fresher longer? I can’t wait to get your newsletter in the mail and read all the exciting news you share :)
      Shannon :)

      • Gluten Free Gigi


        Yes! It works well; however, I find the key to these spring greens and spinach leaves is NO AIR.

        I’m guessing you’re buying the pre-washed greens in a bag? If yes, after first opening the bag and using it, gently press out all air, then roll the top down and either rubber band around the bag or clip the bag securely at the roll down. I find stored like this, in the veggie drawer, these pre-washed greens last about 8 days. :)

        BUT, if you grow your own greens like I do, the method for cilantro works. The key there is making sure the leaves are absolutely dry. That is why I blot between towels as well as allow to air dry.

        Super question, thank you!!


        • Pam Woller

          I keep my cilantro by removing the twist tie, saying it, shaking it dry, then I clip a bit of the bottom of the stems and put the entire”bouquet” into a short wide mouthed glass with enough water to keep bottoms of stems most. Then I store in the refrigerator. Easy and it keeps.

          • Gluten Free Gigi

            I do this sometimes, too, Pam; however, I find it keeps longer when I use the method here. For fresh herbs I want to keep a few days, I use the “bouquet” method. :)


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