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Get serious about achieving optimal health on your gluten-free, allergen-free diet with Gigi’s fact-based Solutions for success!

Here’s what readers like Julie are saying about Food Solutions Magazine:

Gigi, I’m not going to lie to you. I was skeptical! How could I invest $4.99/month in something sight unseen?? But my husband subscribed for me without my knowing as a birthday gift…I am hooked, Gigi!! Thank you so much for the insight into every aspect of gluten free living! My only complaint is you do not promote Food Solutions for what it really is, an in-depth gluten free MAGAZINE on health, nutrition, weight loss, PLUS a mini-cookbook each month! I’m in love!”

Food Solutions Magazine is a premium, ad-free, digital publication, with a brand new issue released on the 1st day of each month.

Inside the 30+ pages, you will find a treasure trove of Gigi’s signature “Smart Nutrition Backed by Science” in 6 easy-to-follow sections:

(1) A Side of Science ~ Gigi draws on her experience as a neuroscience and natural products researcher to deliver science-backed articles on current topics about Celiac disease and gluten-related health issues. This is information you need to know, but likely will not see covered in depth elsewhere.

(2) In-Season Nutrition ~ Varying the foods we eat with the seasons insures we claim maximum nutrient benefit from foods we eat. It also helps us consume a wide range of nutrients and eliminates getting into a “food rut”. From selection to storage to preparation, Gigi provides specific and detailed information on in-season foods for healthy gluten-free living so we never become bored or deprived on our special diet. Gluten-free living can be simple, affordable, nutritious and FUN!

(3) Let’s Get in the Kitchen ~ From soft white sandwich bread to unique uses for strawberries to a full holiday spread, Gigi shares tried and true recipes with you each month. You won’t see lengthy ingredient lists or tedious instructions requiring special equipment, either! You’ll find brief ingredient lists for easy to find items, straightforward instructions and delicious outcomes with every new dish! You will not find these recipes anywhere except within the pages of Food Solutions Magazine!

(4) Products & Resources ~ Because there are no advertisements in Food Solutions Magazine, Gigi is free to share her favorite products and resources with you. From beauty and skin care products to the latest gluten-free foods on the market, Gigi has the info you need to be a savvy shopper and make the best decisions for your life. Because she has strong relationships in the gluten-free, food allergy community, vendors are always happy to extend exclusive discounts and offers to Food Solutions Magazine subscribers! Be in the know about the latest gluten-free products!

(5) Weight a Minute! Weight Management on a Gluten-Free Diet ~ Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50, or simply maintain your current weight, Gigi knows how it’s done! In every issues she dishes up practical advice you can begin using immediately to handle your weight in a healthy way each and every day. Don’t put it off any longer – Science shows time and time again, even an extra 15 pounds can drain our health and stand in our way of feeling the best we can feel!

(6) Affordable Gluten-Free Living – Gluten-free living (and other allergen-free living) does not have to drain your bank account. Each month, Gigi shows you exactly how to slash your grocery bill without sacrificing nutrition and taste. If living gluten-free on a budget is important to you, you do not want to miss this feature!

You will appreciate Gigi’s fact-based insight and fresh perspectives on balanced healthy living on a special diet!

In fact, after reading your first issue, you may adopt Gigi’s positive view on living “free”:

“I don’t think of my special diet as restricting. It is liberating! Living gluten-free – as well as free from dairy/casein, soy, tree nuts and peanuts – has liberated me from life-threatening health issues and more than 25 years of chronic pain. Altering my diet literally saved my life. Finally, through foods I choose, I am free from those health issues!” ~Gigi Stewart, M.A.

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